Victory Octane

We are clearing all the remaining Victory motorcycles and you can own this brand new Octane for just $17995.00 and we'll even throw in a set of Performance Slip On Mufflers. Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these stunning bikes, come and ride our demo to find out for yourself.

Every high octane horsepower enthusiast is familiar with the muscle car formula: take a big motor, insert it into a lightweight chassis, then delete any creature comforts or other unnecessary accessories. What is left is just what you need to go very fast, and nothing else.
The all new Victory Octane is the two wheeled expression of that concept, with a modern twist. This is raw adrenaline that rules the streets.
A 1200cc liquid cooled engine utilizes dual overhead cams and four valve heads to rev beyond 8,000 rpm and put down an authoritative 103 horsepower. That is more horsepower than any Victory motorcycle ever built and weighing at just 242kg it is also the lightest.

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Price excludes on road costs which equal $600.00
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Victory
Year 2017
Mileage 689
CC 1200cc
Transmission M
Transmission speed 6
Colour Black
Condition New

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